MANCHESTER, N.H. (WTNH) — The primary election was heating up in New Hampshire Saturday, despite the freezing temperatures outside. Students of Quinnipiac University and their professors sat in the Rex Theater as people and supporters of Former Vice President Joe Biden attended his rally.

Sarah Annabi, a freshman at Quinnipiac University said, “It’s just so mind blowing to be able to see everything so firsthand, I mean we were right behind him, so it was just crazy.”

They were sitting right behind him on stage, and students even got selfies with the presidential candidate.

“You see him on TV…and just seeing him in person, shaking his hand, taking a picture with him, it’s just absolutely insane,” Annabi said.

Annabi tells us she continues to pinch herself that she’s here experiencing all this at first hand.

“I have that moment several times a day,” she said.

Meantime, History major Tyler Delehoy can’t believe he’s part of the history unfolding this weekend.

“I can’t believe that I’ll look back in 20 years like I was on the ground, I was doing things for this election,” Delehoy said. Things attending rallies and even the debate.

“They were thrilled, I felt like a hero,” a Quinnipiac professor said. “It was a great start for this leg of the field trip.”

It’s a weekend full of events and surprises, and these students are eating up every second.

“I love watching the excitement in their eyes,” the professor said.

Delehoy tells us, it’s a weekend he’ll remember forever.

“Every little thing here inspires me to do so much more in the future,” he said.

There will be more town hall events Sunday, as well as more rallies held throughout the area. These students are taking to the streets as they canvas and go door to door, encouraging people to get out and vote.