Former President Trump’s decision to skip Wednesday’s Republican primary debate in Milwaukee means his surrogates will not receive credentials to the “spin room” through Fox News, the network hosting the event. 

In a memo obtained by The Hill on Tuesday, the network informed campaigns that only surrogates of candidates who attend the debate will receive a credential through the outlet to the spin room, where allies and supporters of candidates go to lobby media outlets for favorable coverage and blast their political enemies.

Trump announced late Sunday he would not attend Wednesday’s debate, citing his large lead in most GOP primary polls.

The former president has separately complained about the coverage he has been receiving on Fox News and is instead set for an interview with former Fox host Tucker Carlson that will come out the day of the debate. 

Multiple outlets reported Tuesday that separate tickets to the event have been issued through the Republican National Committee, and therefore elected officials and other individuals supportive of Trump and candidates not participating in the debate will be allowed to attend the event. 

The memo from Fox noted any surrogates from a nonparticipating candidate or campaign “is welcome in the Spin Room or Media Row as a guest of one of the media organizations with positions in those locations, using one of their credentials.” 

On Monday, Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, said he planned to travel to Wisconsin to serve as a surrogate for his father, marking one of the first times the former president’s son has appeared out on the campaign trail in support of his father’s 2024 bid.