SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT- National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is a nationwide effort to focus on the importance of physical activity and health awareness for women. The Day typical takes place on a Wednesday at the end of September.

Personal trainer at Fitness Options Personal Training Studio in South Burlington Lauren Miller explained that regular exercise is important for the mind and the body.

“Wellness including fitness is huge in order to have longevity and to continue doing all the things that you love. You’ll have a higher immunity, you’ll sleep better, and it’s really important for overall wellness to be active,” said Miller.

Miller became a personal trainer to help people reach their goals and to help prevent injuries. She said having a day to promote fitness for women is a great way to get more women up and moving.

“I think when there’s a day just dedicated to one thing such as women’s fitness, it can highlight the importance of it,” said Miller. “So, when you can really celebrate something as great as movement it can really bring the community together when there’s a holiday just for that.”

During the pandemic some people might not want to go to the gym, but there are some things you can do on your own. On Wednesday, Lauren demonstrated how to do weightless squats, planks, and pushups using things you already have at home.

Some other things women can do to celebrate National Women Health and Fitness Day include cooking a healthy meal, getting your thyroid checked, drinking lots of water, or even taking a power nap.

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