11-Year-Old Offers to Mow White House Lawn

KID SENT LETTER TO TRUMP_1501807700811.png

Eleven-year-old Frank Giaccio from From Falls Church, Virginia is a mini-internet sensation after a letter he wrote offering to mow the White House lawn was read to the country by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee.

Frank’s dad, Gregory Giaccio said he was eager and excited to have his letter read to the country.

Gregory said he helped type up the letter in the spring, but it was all Frank’s idea.

“Trump being a business person and having that background. He said, ‘do you think I could mow his lawn?’ and I said, ‘you should certainly write and ask,'” Gregory said.

While reading the letter, Huckabee said the groundskeeper would “love to show [Frank] how the U.S. Park Service maintains the 18 acres of the White House complex,” and offered Frank the opportunity to mow the rose garden.

“So far our business is localized to our street, but we have an elderly neighbor we help out once in a while pro bono, and he has several paying customers,” Gregory said.

Frank is entering sixth grade and currently wants to be a knight when he grows up.

“I hope landscaping is something he can fall back on if he doesn’t make it to knight school,” Gregory said.

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