App Helps You Determine Whether You’ve Been Bitten by a Tick

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For those of you who love the outdoors, you may want to check out this new app designed to help you fight tick dangers.

Dr. Tamson Yeh and her colleagues at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Riverhead came up with a free app for apple and android users called TickClick.       

The idea, to help determine whether you or your pet has recently been bitten by a tick.

“TickClick will allow you to identify what tick has bitten you, the life stage it’s in, the diseases and links to the CDC website,” Dr. Yeh said.

The app was actually developed by Yeh’s daughter with help from an $8,000 grant from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program. It also provides information on how to differentiate ticks.

For instance, a deer tick has a smooth rim whereas a dog tick is segmented.

Adult ticks typically look for what they’ll eat at about 18″ off the ground, which is around the height of people’s legs and a deer’s belly.

“Often times ticks hang by the head and ears because it’s difficult for animals like deers to remove the ticks in those locations.”

Yeh says the bad tick season also has a lot to do with there being fewer predators attacking the growing deer and rodent population in the Northeast.

“They’ll be able to know what repellents work best and what to do with outdoor gear – like putting it in the dryer instead of the washing machine.”

Yeh and her team originally intended to make TickClick a website but found it more useful as an app on the go.

Download the app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices.

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