Gov. Cuomo: Police Still Tracking Down Number of Leads

NEW YORK – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in New York City Thursday afternoon for a Fight for Fair Pay event along rockstar John Bon Jovi.

After the news conference, Cuomo answered questions about the search for two escaped killers
in upstate New York.

Here is what Gov. Cuomo said:

“There was no new news when I left. They have a number of leads. They’re tracking down all the leads, a whole variety literally of hundreds of leads. You have to track down each one as if this is the one and it takes a lot of time, many resources.

We have federal, different state agencies. We have local governments. Yesterday we partnered with the state of Vermont because we heard they were headed that way. I’ve told the state police that if they need any other resources, we have them so we’ll make them available. We have more state police.

Bloodhounds did pick up a scent this morning [Thursday] and they were pursuing a scent. I don’t know if the blood hounds are still on the scent, but they were searching an area where the bloodhounds had picked up a scent.”

This was the first escape in the prisons history from the maximum security portion of it so you can’t really say there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. First escape since 1865. It’s not a bad record. And we don’t know exactly what happened here to know that we need systemic change. I can tell you this, anyone who we find cooperated with the escape or facilitated the escape, that is a crime in and of itself and we will prosecute that to the fullest extent of the law.”

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