The New England First Amendment Coalition is pushing police to release body cam footage of Friday’s officer involved shooting in Winooski. 
The group says police must set the standard of transparency and trust.
State police, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, and Winooski Police have denied multiple media requests for the video citing the ongoing investigation.
NEFAC says the footage will give the public better understanding of how officers reacted when they say 29-year-old Jesse Beshaw advanced toward them with his hands behind his back. Beshaw was pronounced dead at the scene. 
“Only the video is going to be able to tell the public as to whether the police acted 100 percent responsible, and I would think if I was the officer or if I were the investigators, I’d want that out there as quick as possible,” says NEFAC vice president, Michael Donoghue.
Donoghue notes the video would also reveal how police responded to Beshaw immediately after he was shot.
The Franklin County Deputy Nicolas Palmier remains on paid administrative leave through the investigation.