New and Improved Sailing Center Almost Ready to Open


It’s almost time to set sail from a new and improved sailing center in Burlington.

Community Sailing Center Executive Director Owen Milne said the center’s mission is to make the lake accessible to everyone and they realized about 10 years ago that they wouldn’t be able to do that in their current building. The Community Sailing Center has been running out of a garage.

Milne said he is excited for the new space that is located just north of the current center and the skate park by the Burlington waterfront. He said it is in a better location, has more storage and have classrooms.

“And then other simple things like a bathroom instead of having to use a porta-potty for 25 years,” Milne said.

Even though the building should be ready by August 14, 2017, Milne said they won’t actually start working out of it until next year. He said it would be difficult to try and make the switch in between seasons.

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