A couple in Littleton, New Hampshire says they’re grateful both of their sons were able to get drug rehab help out of state. But now that it’s time to come home, they’re worried there will be no support options for their 16-year-old son.

It’s a daily routine now for Tina Miller’s son. Calling to check in.


Dave and Tina Miller say they gave their sons everything they could.

Trips to Disney, summer camp, pets. But the couple were helpless to stop them from sliding down the hole of drug addiction. “They were higher than a kite.” Said Tina.

She’s talking about the family’s recent appearance on the Dr. Phil show. “They were so stoned.”


In desperation last February, she wrote to the television psychiatrist. The show provided residential rehab for both Michael who is 22 and Matthew who is 16. “There was absolutely no remorse. The end of the show.” Said David.


Now 70 days later the boys are sober, healthy and on the road to a drug free life.

But the Millers are terrified to bring their youngest ‘home’, saying the state of New Hampshire has no options for addicts who are under 18. “The clock is running now.” Said Tina. “I’ve been working on this for three weeks.”


Aftercare starts at a thousand dollars a day and the Millers say their insurance is not covering the cost. 

They have until Friday, then Matthew comes back to Littleton.


“This is all new to us. I didn’t know there was continuing care, after care.” Said Tina.

The state drug czar, James Vara, says a 16-year-old coming out of rehab is one of the youngest he’s heard and admits resources for under 18 and in the North Country are slim but made this promise.

 “I will personally make a call and see what solutions there are if any.”


Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s office is working with the insurance company to try to get the aftercare covered.


The Millers say the decision could be one of life or death.