Fresh off the most recent republican debate, the former vice president sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC22/FOX44.

Looking ahead to the first in the nation primary in New Hampshire he talked about issues important to people in the Granite State.

Vice President Mike Pence is hoping to break out of the pack of Republican challengers.

Asked about the fentanyl crisis impacting Americaparticularly New Hampshire and Vermont, he puts the blame firmly in two places, China and the southern border.

Pence said, “Fentanyl and the raw materials for fentanyl is coming out of China and passing through Mexico – and passing through new hampshire every week and in every community in this country.”

He went on, “We’ll first begin by securing the southern border. But as president of the U.S., I’ll also deploy the Coast Guard to interdict any Chinese vessel that may potentially have the raw materials or carry fentanyl to any port in Mexico or America. We’ve got to protect our kids from this deadly drug.”

Pence also called government spending out of control, and said his goal is to return to what he called‘time-honored conservative principals’

Compared to other candidates, he’s taking a less moderate approach when it comes to abortion.

Pence is the only Republican candidate to commit to a federal abortion ban at six weeks. While other candidates have committed to a 15-week ban.

Pence said, “I think it’s important that we have leadership at the highest levels that will stand on the principle of defending the most defenseless in our society, the unborn in our society. But also – we’ll express that with compassion, we haven’t done that much in the past. To demonstrate that we care as much about newborns as we do about the unborn.”

The former vice president’s campaign is barely registering in New Hampshire. A recent University of New Hampshire poll put his support at just 2 percent, behind six other candidates.

One potential game-changer for any candidate would be an endorsement from the state’s popular governor.

Pence said “I have immense respect for governor Sununu, he’s led the state with great distinction. I consider him a personal friend, greatly admire his family contributions to new Hampshire over the years – if I ever had the chance to earn his support it would be a very good day for my campaign I assure you.”

Governor Sununu has said he plans to endorse one of the candidates for president prior to the New Hampshire primary early next year.