Concord, NH — New Hampshire residents should be wary of text messages from scammers impersonating the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services and the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles.

The scams are aimed to obtain personal information. Those who receive a text message will be provided a link to access a fraudulent website titled “New Hampshire State COVID-19 Vaccine Status Validation.” Consumers may have trouble discerning this is a scam as the website uses the seals from both departments.

The website will ask for personal information including social security number, date of birth and pictures of your driver’s license.

Attorney General John Formella recommends the following to avoid being scammed:

  • Do not reply to an unsolicited text message from an unknown number
  • Do not click on a link in a text message from an unknown number
  • All unsolicited text messages, phone calls, or emails claiming you have won a prize or are entitled to money should be considered a scam
  • Do not provide personal information or money over the phone or by email to someone you do not know

Those wanting to access records of their vaccine status should click here.