Concord, NH — A murder that took place in June 1972 in Newton, NH, has finally been solved.

On June 4, 1972, 48-year-old Arlene Clevesy of Haverhill, Massachusetts, was murdered. Her body was found in Hume Brook covered in blunt injuries. Autopsy showed Clevesy suffocated due to trauma to her neck and drowning.

Investigations revealed she had been seen earlier that day with Albert Francis Moore Jr., who later told several individuals different tales of what transpired.

While he may have altered his stories, numerous witnesses confirmed that Clevesy and Moore left the Eagles Club in Haverville, MA, in Moore’s truck early morning on June 4. Moore later told investigators that he was simply giving Clevesy a ride home and left her on the side of the road when they noticed her friends following them in a car to make sure she got home safely.

Moore was eventually indicted for Second Degree Murder in April, 1977. On November 30, 1979, the Attorney General’s Office entered a nolle prossequi of the indictment, but Moore was already incarcerated on a life sentence for the murder of 27-year-old Donald Rimer that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in August, 1972.

The investigation into Clevesy’s murder was reopened in 2015 but Moore continued to deny the murders of both Clevesy and Rimer. Moore passed away in November 2019 at the age of 88 due to metastatic prostate cancer.

On January 19, Attorney General John M. Formella announced investigators are now fully convinced Moore murdered Clevesy. There were no other suspects in the murder case and statements Moore made to witnesses indicate he had murdered Clevesy and also thoroughly thought about and carried out covering up the crime.

As Moore is deceased, he cannot be prosecuted for her murder. Thus, the case is closed as “solved” but with no arrests or prosecutions.