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NH Sen. Hassan: "No student should have to fear for their lives"

NH Senator Maggie Hassan addressing gun violence in schools

Hanover, N.H. - Like many across the country, the students of Hanover High School are standing up against gun violence.

"I would like to see something change so we're all comfortable sitting in class and learning," said Ella Chapman, a junior at the school.

Chapman was visiting a college in Washington D.C. when she decided to schedule a meeting with New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan.

She wanted to express her concerns about the recent school gun violence and invite the senator to speak with HHS students, who know all too well what its like to have a threat of gun violence on their campus.

Back in March, a threat of violence using a firearm was made toward the school.

"About a week after we had our walk out and in that moment of time I was terrified," said Chapman.

"No student should have to fear for their lives when they are attending school," Hassan said to an auditorium filled with hundreds of kids.

She encouraged the students to continue using their voices to push for better gun legislation

"The fact that you are all speaking out makes a tremendous difference. Enough is enough and begin to organize and let your elected representatives know that you don't plan to stand for this anymore," said Hassan.

How to compromise on these issues was also on the minds of many at the gathering.

"Despite bipartisan expressions of concern about student safety, congress still hasn't taken meaningful action to do some very common sense things that we know we could do that would make schools safer," said Hassan.

Chapman said, "Were not going to stop speaking out until something is change until were safe in school."


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