Talk about silver linings.

In 2018, Lou Rider and his family drove up from New Jersey for a family reunion, spending a sunny Labor Day weekend at the Waterbury Reservoir.

“We were from one end of the reservoir to the other. We were in and out of the boats…hiking through, jumping with the rocks and everything so we were everywhere,” said Rider.

When Mr. Rider got back in the car, that’s when he noticed his wedding ring missing from his finger.

“It was a really strange, empty kind of feeling. Really disappointing, sad with myself kind of thing. Like, ‘How could I have let this happen?’ But she wasn’t worried about as much as I was,” said Rider.

But then the unexpected happened to the married couple of 28 years.

“Well, it just a couple of weeks ago and it was around 10:30 at night and I was reading Front Porch Forum, and there was a posting that said, ‘Man’s wedding ring found at Waterbury Reservoir,'” said Lorraine Tallcott, Mr. Rider’s aunt from Vermont.

She said a man from out-of-state initially found the ring at the reservoir. He then handed it off to a local family who made the post on Front Porch Forum, which caught Tallcott’s eye. She shared what it was like to find it.

“Just really exciting and satisfying and happy and kind of exhilarating and kind of a feeling of this could only happen in Vermont,” said Tallcott.

Mr. Rider said he bought a new ring shortly after losing the first. But just two weeks ago, the old ring arrived in the mail, and he put it right back on.

“It is in perfect condition. after being out in the elements for two years, you know, with the snow and ice and everything, it’s amazing…it’s just in the same condition it was when I lost it.

Mr. Rider says something like this could not have happened without the kindness and support of the community.

“The amazing thing is all of the people that had to be a part of it to get it back to me and having the trust in people to help each other.”

With the help of the community and social media, Mr. Rider’s Aunt got a hold of the ring, shipped it in the mail, and safely returned it to her nephew.