PLATTSBURGH, NY – After being appointed in November, Alexander Enyedi began his presidency on Tuesday January 21st.

Enyedi is no stranger to higher education. He spent 23 years working at Western Michigan University. He most recently served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Humboldt State University in California. He said he is looking forward to his presidency at Plattsburgh.

“I discovered the incredible capacity that faculty and staff and administrators at universities have to change lives of students,” said Enyedi. “I will always put students first and I am interested to ensure that they are having the best experience they will have here at Plattsburgh.”

Within the first dour days of his presidency, Enyedi has already started to immerse himself in the university.

“It’s been fast and furious in the first four days. I’ve already met with several student groups. I’ve welcomed some of our, we call them RA’S or Residents Hall Advisors,” said Enyedi.

During his presidency he hopes to create more of a connection between the university and the local community.  He saw the university as an exciting opportunity to play a critical role in both the town and city of Plattsburgh.

“I’d like to find ways to elevate the engagement, bring our local business and political leaders together to talk about how the university serves as a catalyst to the economic growth of the area,” said Enyedi

He has three main goals for the future. Engagement, enrollment, and an equity model.

Enyedi told Local 22 and 44 that he has one message and that is to bring a “shopping cart.”

“Whatever you place in that shopping cart… the experiences, the friends, the opportunities, the clubs, that’s the experience you can take with you to your next job interview or to your career,” said Enyedi.