“We’re not just saying you’re welcome, we’re saying please come to us, we want you in our space.”

Moody Rose Christopher or “Rosie” as her friends know her as, says her inspiration for wanting to create a safe space tattoo shop came from what she experienced in her own life.  

“I think for me a lot of what my own personal experience was getting tattooed by a lot of like cis-gender white males who were not really fiendly towards me or I felt kind of like gawked at.”

Rosie originally from Plattsburgh says she worked for three years as a travelling tattoo artist until she ended up in Burlington, and stayed due to COVID restrictions. 

“The travelling coupled with the actual life experience of being heavily tattooed, and tattooing at this point thousands of people, you really start to develop an understanding of what you like, what you don’t like, what you need to see change.”

The change being a more open and accepting shop that caters to all people but specifically people who might feel marginalized when it comes to getting a tattoo. 

“Despite being you know a white trans individual I truly believe there is something to be said about creating a community space that prioritizes and focuses on black and people of color, on queer individuals on fat individuals on people who are disabled.”

The shop with all of its entities is now open on S. Winooski Ave.