Voting in our country is considered our civic duty, but for those with disabilities, it can be a struggle to find a voting locations that provide the accommodations needed to cast their ballot.             

As of Tuesday’s primary, all polling locations in Vermont will be equipped with a brand new Americans with Disabilities Act accessible voting system.

According to Secretary of State Jim Condos, it costed the state 1.2 million dollars for the equipment.

Voters will be able to mark their ballots similar to a paper ballot but by using an electronic tablet that can assist with the variety of challenges those with disabilities may face.

“We had not had to use the former system that was over the phone which was really difficult to manage, so we are hoping that this new system will make people feel more comfortable to come out to the polls,” said Keith Pillsbury, a Clerk for Ward 8

Prior to these voting systems people would have to cast their ballots over the phone which historically resulted in a low turnout.