A man was attacked in a Troy neighborhood by a deer on Tuesday.

People said they see deer in the area all the time. But one man never thought he’d come home from work to see one attacking his neighbor in his own backyard.

Richard Belschwinder was driving down the alley between Van Buren and Jackson Streets in Troy when something strange happened.

“I got as far as here with the pickup, and I could hear somebody screaming,” he said. “It was a ten-point deer. It had some guy in the corner.”

Nearby neighbors took pictures of the massive buck just before the attack happened.

“You could hear the fence; that’s how hard he hit him.”

The man was using a cushion from a couch to put a barrier between him and the deer. But Belschwinder said the deer kept attacking.

“The deer rammed him,” he said. “And, I mean, picked him right up.”

That’s when he jumped into action.

“As soon as the deer went up, I pulled the gate open, and I grabbed the guy and I pulled him out,” he said.

Belschwinder said he and the man took cover in his pickup truck, and the deer ran away.

“I just had to get the guy away from the deer; that’s all,” he said.

The deer is still on the loose. If you happen to come across it, stay out of its way.