New York murderer to be released on parole


A Cohoes man who helped in the killing and dismemberment of a pregnant teen will be released on parole.

In 1993, a smirking killer was brought away in handcuffs, along with his accomplice. Both have spent the past 24 years in jail and one is about to see the light of day.

“Where’s there’s justice? There is none and obviously the parole board was nothing thinking straight they weren’t thinking about what if it was their kid or what if was their sibling,” Debra Strope, Toni’s sister, said.

Joseph Poette was charged with second-degree murder for helping his friend Daniel Rondeau kill his girlfriend Toni Strope and their unborn baby.

Toni’s sisters Debra and Helen say their family was torn apart.

“It’s been a nightmare and this year just opened a wound,” Helen said.

A parole board has decided that Poette, now 47, who helped dismember and dispose of Strope’s body in a field, will be released.

“I totally freaked out. I don’t understand how this is legal how this can happen.”

The sisters say Poette has shown no remorse and was just as much to blame for the horrific killing.

“He was 110 percent involved,” Debra said. “He went and got that second blade to continue to do what they did to my sister.”

Poette is getting a second chance at life, a luxury Strope will never have.

“She doesn’t get to see her daughter grow up, she doesn’t get to see any of that. She doesn’t get to breathe the air, why should he be able to breathe the air?”

Strope’s childhood friend will try to remember her as the happy 15-year-old she was.

“If your day wasn’t brightened when you ran into her, she’d brighten your day,” Darlene Galuzzo, Toni’s childhood friend, said.

A family hopes that light can overcome the darkness.

“I wish that the parole board would take a long hard look at what’s going on here and overturn this… I hope my sister haunts him every single day of his rotten life,” Debra said.

According to the Department of Corrections, Poette’s earliest release day is February 20th, 2018.

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