New York State is warning tax professionals to take care.

According to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, a new wave of scammers is trying to pilfer clients’ sensitive information by posing as customer support personnel for tax software.

“Scammers are posing as customer support from their tax software provider requesting information to gain access to secure accounts,” said Acting Commissioner Nonie Manion. “We’re alerting tax professionals to this scam and others to ensure they take the critical precautions necessary to stop these cyber criminals and protect sensitive tax return information.”

According to the state, some scammers are trying to steal usernames and passwords by taking advantage of the fact that legitimate tax software companies often provide upgrades during the summer.

They say the scammers are using emails designed to look like prompts to upgrade your software.

The email may say “Software Support Update” or “Important Software System Upgrade,” but the link takes the user to a phony website where the scammers can gather their information.

According to state officials, fraudsters have used this information to gain access to the tax professionals’ accounts and steal client information.

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