Clinton County, NY — The Clinton County Fair is officially underway and is set to be the biggest one yet.

The fair runs through July 31, and will feature events like the Demolition Derby, a Monster Truck Show, and magic shows.

“This is 364 days of planning,” said Wanda Carroll, the Clinton County Fair Manager. “They say all year planning, one week of enjoyment. It takes a team effort, we have a great board of directors, we have 34 members on our board, and I’m the first female in our history to ever be a fair manager. This is our 74th fair.” 

The fair also brought in the Cattle Club, which allows kids to show off their cows to fairgoers. Hailey Wells, an 11-year-old who is part of this club is excited to go on the rides and try the food, but her favorite part is showing off her cow.

“I really like showing off my animal,” she said. “We brought the cows here yesterday, we washed them all, fed them, and watched them for a while.”

The entertainment lineup includes The Blest Generation, The Lou Allen Country Show and many more throughout the week.

Carroll says the thing she is most excited about is bringing people together to enjoy the event.

“I was talking to someone earlier that said they met my girlfriend here 30 years ago and they’ve been married 30 years, so that’s what it’s about,” she said. “It’s about bringing the community together to give an opportunity for the youth to show their animals, have the carnival, entertainment, make new friends.” 

For more information about the schedule or to buy tickets, click here.