Corrections Officer Bolsters Legal Team

New York
PLATTSBURGH, NY- Gene Palmer worked at Clinton Correctional Facility for 27 years, but now he’s facing felony charges which could put him on the other side of law for up to 12 years.

“It violates the rules and procedures of the Department of Corrections,” said Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie.

Wylie says Palmer passed a lie detector test, but went on to say the 57-year-old didn’t tell investigators about every interaction he had with escaped inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt.

“He did not obviously come forward and say, I’ve received paintings from Matt and Sweat, I provided them with needle nose plyers, I allowed them to go in the catwalk and work on the electrical system,” Wylie said. “Those are things that obviously he did not disclose until he got caught.”

It’s a case local lawyer Andrew Brockway says, is too big to face on his own. Brockway represented Palmer since he was brought in for questioning by police.

“I’m a small town attorney guys,” Brockway said. “This is a small community, I’m a solo practitioner, and this is taking a lot of resources.”
An Albany firm now takes over, but Brockway is willing to help. He maintained Palmer’s innocence Thursday, holding a “Clinton Strong” bracelet.

The local lawyer says the attention still needs to be on finding these two dangerous men.

“The true story isn’t Joyce Mitchell or Gene Palmer, it’s bigger than that,” Brockway said. “I hope the truth comes out.”

Palmer faces two felony charges: promotion of prison contraband and two counts of destruction of evidence, with a misdemeanor official misconduct.

Hhe will be in court Monday at 4 pm with representatives from the firm Dreyer & Boyajian LLP based in Albany.

The two partners have almost 70 years combined experience, and the firm has handled cases from New York City to now the Lake City in Clinton County.

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