ALBANY, N.Y. (WWTI) — Educators and their unions cast their vote across New York State on Tuesday night.

This was as local school board and budget elections took place on May 17. According to a New York State United Teachers analysis, over 295 candidates were elected in school districts statewide.

“Under the banner, Public Schools Unite Us, we saw a wave of pro-public education school board members elected Tuesday who we know will prioritize students at every board meeting,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said in a press release. “We’re proud to see how many educators stepped up this year to support candidates or to run for office themselves. They know that their teaching conditions are their students’ learning conditions. Having strong boards of education that focus on what unites us instead of what divides us is essential to creating environments in which students, educators and families can collaborate to put public schools at the center of their communities.” 

Additionally, a preliminary analysis of school budget votes led by NYSUT found that 99% of budgets statewide were on track to be approved.

NYSUT reviewed 570 school budget votes and found that 563 passed, with only seven being defeated.

“When students thrive, we all thrive, and communities across the state have recognized that once again at the voting booth this year,” Pallotta said. “There are still so many needs that must be addressed in public schools. With strong local budgets and leadership in place, districts can get to work helping students unlock their full potential.”