Ticonderoga, NY — A North Country landmark received a multi-million dollar makeover and on Wednesday, Fort Ticonderoga opened their restored pavilion. $9 million was spent on the pavilion in what is being touted as one of the largest economic development projects in the North Country. Around $3 million came in the form of state funds and $6 million in private funds.

Fort Ticonderoga dates to the colonial times, and many battles took place there during both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. It remains a popular tourist destination, as the fort sees as many as 75,000 tourists each year.

Aside from the renovation of the pavilion that dates back to 1826, there are new amenities for visitors including an exhibit space, an educational space, and a conference center. Fort Ticonderoga also announced that it raised nearly $20 million of the $70 million it wants to further enhance the fort. The next phases would be a state of the art museum to house a growing collection of military items from the 18th century. The fort says the museum will serve as the premier North American military history museum, spanning colonization through America’s founding.