Franklin County teacher raises money to dress kids for outdoor class

New York

A kindergarten teacher in Franklin County is taking her classroom outside, and she’s raising money to make sure her kids have the right clothes to explore the outdoors, no matter the weather.

“I want to instill covid or not that being outside is really important,” said 22-year-old Maia Hendrickson, a first-year teacher at Georgia Elementary School.

When classes start Friday, Hendrickson will move her class outside for two hours a day.

“I was like how perfect this would be to play,” Hendrickson said. “And there are trees to climb and sticks to build forts.”

Hendrickson said it’ll give students a chance to spread out, and take off their masks.

“Which for kindergarteners is so helpful to see peoples faces, to be able to build the relationship, to read emotions,” Hendrickson said. 

But she wants to make sure her students have the right attire. She found it in what are called “puddle pants.”

“Puddle pants I think are a great way to teach kids that there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing for the weather,” Hendrickson said. 

There are about 12 students in the class and each pair of puddle pants costs around $35 dollars. 

“It’s about $500 dollars worth to pay for all the puddle pants which is pretty close to what an average teachers budget is,” Hendrickson said. 

So she started a GoFundMe page and it wasn’t long before she made her goal. All of the teachers at Georgia Elementary School can use school grounds.

“Learning within nature is fabulous, it’s another way for kids to make a connection to our earth,” said Principal Steve Emery.

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