Lake Placid, NY — The Ironman Triathlon took place in Lake Placid over the weekend but up until a few days ago, they didn’t have a contract for this year’s race. Now, it will be back until at least 2024.

The Ironman race brings thousands of people to Lake Placid every year, but there was some uncertainty if it would return after this year.

“Every day there’s a handful of employees, at my job as well as most other places, that are late to their shift if they’re working midday or afternoon,” said Julian Gambacurta, a local who works on Main Street. “The town just does not have the parking for this kind of influx of people and cars, everyone brings a car with them when they come up on vacation because you can’t fly, so there’s not enough room for everyone, including those who work here.”

“We existed before the Ironman, but there would be less business for sure,” said Art Devlin, Lake Placid Mayor and motel owner. “We’re getting top rate for five days, we wouldn’t get that, we’d be lucky to get 1 or 2, so it is a big boost,”

Meanwhile, Marc Galvin, a Village Trustee and co-owner of the Bookstore Plus says while some people can be disruptive, overall, everyone loves the area and is very respectful. “There are a handful of riders out there who are disrespectful on the roads, they’ll ride 3 or 4 abreast, that sort of thing, or maybe not go to the bathroom where they’re supposed to, but for the most part the athletes are great, they’re big supporters of Lake Placid, they love the area and a lot of them have bought homes here.”

Galvin says it would be very disappointing if the race went somewhere else. “Lake Placid has sports in its roots and Ironman is a world-class event, and we’re known around the world as a great race.”

Local officials say they are certain Lake Placid has the infrastructure to continue to hold these types of events, even with ongoing construction. Mayor Delvin hopes people are willing to be patient.