Emergency services departments in New York State are getting some help in the form of $100 million in grants, with the Clinton, Essex, and Franklin County Departments all receiving just over $1 million each.

The grants will be awarded through the Statewide Interoperable Communications Grant and the Public Safety Answering Points Grant.

Eric Day, EMS director for Clinton County, said their share of the money will be used pay the lease for a radio system the county purchased a couple of years ago. Day said the radio system upgrade was necessary — the existing system was outdated.

“The radio system that we’re paying for with these grants funds replaced a system that was 25 years old,” he said. “At 25 years old, it was getting difficult to get parts to maintain it and keep it operational.”

Max Thwaits, director of the Essex County EMS, says they will be using the grant money a little differently.

“We have a project going on right now to put a backup generator at one of our tower sites,” he said. “We’ve had tower sites go down, our microwave system has a loop, and if one site goes down it can function without that site, but if two sites go down that’s bad.”

The backup generator would prevent more than one site from going down, which will keep the radio system functional at all times.

The grant is partially funded by the 911 surcharge on people’s cell phone bills that the state collects, so they can give that money back to the EMS departments when they need it.