The Adirondack Regional Airport has received a grant that will lead to upgrades to its terminal, like improved layout and signage, more natural light with bigger windows, and better airflow with upgrades to the HVAC system.

The $8.5 million grant is one of nine grants the state gave to airports this year.

‘We have a seating area over here that’s a little bit confined,: said Corey Hurwitch, Airport Manager. “We have an old elevator, so we’d like to get everything on to one level. We’d like to do away with some of the long corridors like the one that leads down to the ticket counter, and really have more open floor space.”

Hurwitch says it is a big undertaking with a short timeline of just two years. There may be temporary closures, but he said the airport will do its best to remain operational during the construction.

“We don’t want to close down,” he said. “We consider ourselves as an asset to the community, and we want to maintain that asset.”

As part of the renovations, the Cavu Cafe located inside the airport will be moved and expanded. The cafe can serve around 35 people right now but will be expanded so more travelers and locals can sit at one time and not have to wait in the lobby to be seated.

“We’re super excited, there’s a lot of improvement I think,” said Clair Bovee, owner of Cavu Cafe. “We’ve been working with this awesome but tiny spot for a long time so the kitchen is super limiting and I think we’re really excited to be able to offer some more things to our customers that we haven’t been able to do because of the size.” 

Hurwitch says traveling through the Adirondack Regional Airport will be a much more enjoyable experience not just for travelers, but for staff and locals who may be coming to enjoy the restaurant.