Tupper Lake, NY — Locals and leaders gathered at Tupper Lake for the opening of the new depot and the first run of a new line. It was the inaugural train ride for the Adirondack Railroad Company’s new line that connects Utica and Tupper Lake, a process that was many years in the making.

“The railroad that brought us here today was incrementally brought back to life starting in 1991 and nurtured in its earliest days by determined volunteers,” said Frank Kobliski, President of the Adirondack Railway Preservation Society.  

It was a project that took hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer work to make happen, but they are expecting massive benefits for the area.

“The restored Adirondack Railroad Line will create new destinations and stops along the line north to Tupper Lake and promote tourism in these areas,” said Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli.

The project not only brings tourism and economic development to the area but it also gives people an opportunity to see the Adirondacks in a way they may not have been able to before. 

“What you’re doing is providing an opportunity for individuals of all ages and abilities to come to the Adirondacks, to experience things they would not otherwise be able to experience”. 

While the train had its inaugural ride, plenty of work is still to be done.

“The station area here is going to be completely reconstructed,” said Kobliski. “The tracks are coming out, new tracks are being put in, brand new track ties, rails, platforms, and covered canopies for the weather.”

The station itself is also not finished as there are plans in place to create a ticket window at the station and better parking for riders.

The train also has refurbished cars like the 1952 dome car that was refurbished to look like it did in the ’50’s and is one of just a few in the country.

The Adirondack Railroad Company is hoping that people will be able to ride the train between Utica and Tupper Lake regularly starting next year and hopes to continue to grow from there.