The primary to determine candidates in New York’s Governor’s is next week, and one first time voter knows what issues matter to her most.

“Environmental justice is something I care about a lot,” said Melody Palmer. “Cleaner energy, solar panels, that kind of thing, electric cars.”

For Giovanna Nelkin, it’s about how well the candidate represents constituents.

“I’m interested to know the history of a candidate,” said Nelkin. “What they have done, and what they’re going to be bringing for experience.”

Harvey Schantz, a political science professor at SUNY Plattsburgh, says this election involves state and federal issues.

“In terms of New York state, people are interested in the crime issue, people are interested in rising prices; and nationally they’re looking at how democrats have run the national government”, said Schantz.

Schantz says Democrats hope Hochul’s connection to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned from office amidst numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, doesn’t hurt her chances for a full, elected term.

“For Kathy Hochul it presents a little bit of a challenge though, because she was the Lieutenant Governor for Governor Cuomo,” said Schantz. “However it was known that she wasn’t particularly close to Governor Cuomo.”

Republicans may be thinking of the Clinton administration, according to Schantz, and how the it mirrors the national political mood.

“The last time a Republican unseated an incumbent democratic governor was in 1994, when George Pataki beat the elder Cuomo, Mario Cuomo, in the election,” he said. “But what helped him in 1994 was that in 1994 it was a big year nationally for the republican party in Washington, as well as in the states”.

But no matter your party, Hunter Sartwell, the deputy commissioner for the state Republican party, has a message.

“Please, if you’re registered to vote, come out and vote”.