Plattsburgh, NY — Novabus, a Quebec based transit bus manufacturer with an assembly plant in Plattsburgh recently announced a contract with the city and county of Honolulu for thirty-five 60 foot buses that will be assembled in Plattsburgh.

The contract will last between 2023 and 2025 in order to fulfill the order and comes as the latest in a string of announcements by Novabus, including one for 135 buses with the MTA in the New York City area.

“First, it’s fantastic news not only for our facility but also for the north country region as a whole, as we are happy to provide good paying manufacturing jobs, both directly and indirectly, we have a good network of suppliers in the state of New York,” said Alexandrine Gauvin, Advisor of Public Relations for Novabus.

The contact could translate to more jobs. The Plattsburgh Assembly Plant employs about 350 people and plans to hire more people as the electric bus market continues to grow.

Town Supervisor Michael Cashman says it reflects well on the area in a statement saying: “the strength for Novabus state-of-the-art technology paired with their talented workforce here in Plattsburgh is once again being recognized as a world class industry leader.

“The best is really yet to come,” said Garry Douglas, North Country Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. “As well as we’re doing, we have 4 to 5 expansions of existing companies in the pipeline that we’re actively assisting our manufacturers within the coming year, they’re all growing in terms of business and several of them are going to grow in terms of their facility and workforce.”

Douglas says the Novabus deal shows the abilities of the workforce in the North Country and the pride they take in creating the best product possible.

The network of manufacturing companies that are in the North Country already employ directly and indirectly around 9,000 people in the region and while a Douglas could not get into any specifics, he said that number will continue to grow in the near future.