Plattsburgh, NY — The Plattsburgh Common Council will hear from its Climate Task Force about a proposed food reduction and recycling policy in municipal buildings that could eventually being extended to households.

Councilor Elizabeth Gibbs said that by starting with just the municipal buildings, it allows the city to start small, and then tackle the larger project of making it available citywide and allowing access to more grant funding.

“A bucket that would collect the food scraps, and then somebody would be responsible for dumping that into a larger receptacle outside of the building,” she said. “Once a week she would collect it and take it to her facility for composting.”

Councilors also heard from Plattsburgh City Mayor Christopher Rosenquest on the Crete Civic Center. Rosenquest said he doesn’t believe the city should bear sole responsibility for the deteriorating facility

“I see no clear path for putting more money into the Crete Center to reopen it for the next couple of years knowing it needs to come down anyways,”he said. “We look at the Crete Center and we look at the resources we have and the city is left footing the bill for these things, rather than this is a regional resource, this is a regional problem, and we need a regional solution to it.”

Some of the damages to the center include black mold, a dozen water leaks, and damage from a fire that occurred in late May. Rosenquest says he is concerned about this winter, but there may not be anything the city can do.

Meanwhile, Gibbs believes there needs to be a short-term solution to keep the center open this winter for athletic programs so that the city can then decide what to do long-term. She said Nwe York Assemblyman has assured her that the state can allocate $100,000.;

“Why wouldn’t we take advantage of that?” she said

The city also announced it is seeking a $4.5 million grant from the state’s consolidated funding application that will go to various improvements for City Hall, the city beach, and a new trail with shoreline access to the Saranac River and Cumberland Bay.