PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. – The City of Plattsburgh’s search for a new police chief isn’t over just yet.

The Common Council in a 5-1 vote Thursday declined to confirm Vermont State Police Captain Michael Manley, a candidate with 21 years of experience who was endorsed by Mayor Chris Rosenquest.

Some members of the council wanted to take a closer look at Plattsburgh Police Lt. Jarrod Trombley, who is currently serving as interim chief.

The department’s top job has been vacant since April. More than 50 candidates applied, and the field was eventually narrowed to nine.

“I wish we could table this tonight. I just don’t feel we’re ready to vote,” said Councilor Caitlin Bopp.

“If any part of that process didn’t work for any member, then we should be asking ourselves why weren’t there recommendations to change that,” Mayor Rosenquest said.

Mayor Rosenquest recommended Capt. Manley on Wednesday. Manley served as chairperson of the Vermont State Police Use of Force Committee and the School Crisis Planning Committee.

Johnathan Forbes of the Plattsburgh Police Department threw his support behind Trombley.

“There is no one in this department that I have met that is as integrity-driven or as honest,” Forbes said. “Regardless of people’s personal feelings, the person who is best for this job is the person that knows the job.”

Others spoke up about times when Trombley helped them through a crisis. One Plattsburgh resident recalled Trombley’s support after his daughter reported an assault.

“He was able to effectively communicate to a very angry father, keep me in check, and focus on looking at the big picture and what was going on,” he said.