New York’s 21st District Representative Elise Stefanik held a telephone town hall Thursday to give constituents updates on legislation in Washington.

The number three House Republican began by touting a bill she sponsored that’s aimed at the baby formula shortage.

“I introduced the ‘Baby Formula Now Act’, which we need to make sure we pass as soon as possible.” Stefanik said. “Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi is blocking that from the floor, but I am going to work to get that done because I know how important it is for families in my district.”

Stefanik also fielded questions from constituents that were screened beforehand. One was about gun control and the new gun legislation in the Empire State.

“We have heard from so many constituents who have been made felons because of the horrible, ill-fought, unconstitutional legislation that they forced through,” she said. “Certainly at the federal level I oppose any gun control legislation.”

Stefanik was also asked about how she’s going to help lower gas and energy prices.

“We need to be doing everything we can to lower the cost of energy, and we know what was working”, she said. “What was working was two years ago before this administration we had American energy independence.”

Democratic candidate Matt Castelli said he’s also concerned about banning guns in Adirondack state parks. But he accused Stefanik of spreading misinformation

“I do share some concern about downstate folks making hasty decisions about the Second Amendment rights of lawful gun owners, particularly those upstate,” Castelli said. “But in this area, Stefanik is attempting to spread lies and division that doesn’t seem to be applicable here”.

Stefanik did not take questions about abortion rights or the right to contraception. Earlier this week, she voted ‘No’ vote on a House bill that would guarantee the right to contraception. Castelli said Stefanik’s vote on the bill, as well we her opposition to abortion rights, are “way out of step and way out of line in terms of erosion of American freedoms.

“I certainly would’ve voted to protect those American freedoms,’ he said.