As a result of a mix of hot temperatures and moderate-to-high humidity levels, New York is seeing extreme weather conditions this week, with heat indexes expected to be in the 90s to low 100s.

“The next several days will bring extreme heat throughout the state with dangerous heat indices potentially reaching into the 100s,” Governor Kathy Hochul said. “I am urging all New Yorkers to prepare for heat and humidity this week and to keep a close eye on the weather over the next couple of days. As New Yorkers, we take care of one another, so please don’t forget to check on neighbors, especially seniors, those with young children, and people with disabilities.”

Governor Hochul is encouraging New Yorkers to stay indoors and if necessary, to visit regional cooling centers. Cooling centers categorized by county can be found here. It is advised to give your nearest cooling center a call first to make sure they are open.

New Yorkers are also advised to monitor local weather forecasts and to be aware of weather advisories.