Progress is being made in the North Country for the transgender and gender non-conforming community.

Since March, the New York State Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Town Hall Project has held ten town halls in seven locations around New York State.

At Thursday night’s meeting at SUNY Plattsburgh, the group discussed the progress that’s been made since the group’s meeting in June.

Kelly Metzgar is a transgender and LGBTQ advocate. She’s been working alongside many others to help solves issues, ranging from healthcare and legal issues the LGBTQ community faces in the North Country.

“I just have hope for the North Country. I hope to bring the North Country into the rest of New York State, and let our voices be heard, and so people in the state know that we do exist up here,” said Metzgar.

Planned Parenthood of the North Country made an announcement at Thursday night’s meeting.

“We’ll be expanding our transgender persons healthcare services to include hormonal treatments,” said Grace Carlic, of PPNC.

Planned Parenthood says the expansion will take place in early 2017.

The Town Hall Project also played a part in Plattsburgh’s pride parade in early October. Metzgar says it was born out of an idea from the first town hall event in June. 

Metzgar says with more work, the transgender and gender non-conforming community needs to know it’s safe.

“This is our decade. Nobody should have to live in fear, live in hiding, live in shame. Everybody should be able to live their own life,” said Metzgar.

The group’s next big project is still in the planning stages, but it hopes to hold a Transgender Day of Remembrance in Plattsburgh on November 20th.

Here is a link for the group: