Officials Continue Testing Water for bacteria in Mechanicville


Boiling water has been the reality for people in Mechanicville the past few weeks.

Residents are still waiting for the Department of Health to make a move and tell them it’s okay to drink the water again.

After a two week long boil water advisory, people in Mechanicville are now finding out if their water is safe to drink.

The Mechanicville Water Department has been testing their water for bacteria for the past week with levels coming back very low consistently.

They spent the day waiting for the Department of Health to lift the boil water advisory for people living here.

“We’ll wait here and see what happens.”

Meanwhile, business owners are ready to get back to normal.

“We’ve been doing the best we can with what we have.”

Ariel Pagan owns the Ugly Rooster, a breakfast and lunch hotspot, in Mechanicville.

He’s been serving bottled water and canned soda to his customers for two weeks now.

“Not knowing a little bit about when it was going to end was difficult. The end is near I know that for sure,” Pagan said.

Pagan’s customers, who live in Mechanicville, are also ready for the advisory to be lifted.

“People don’t realize how bad it can get.”

“We’re ready for the water to be done.”

The Tanzer’s say it’s an added hassle to boil the water they use and an added expense to use bottled water.

“You can only put so long into it buying bottled water.”

“It probably adds ten dollars to your groceries.”

Those heading the Mechanicville Water Department say the cloudiness and discoloration of the water was likely caused by lots of rain and nearby construction but that the water was never found to be hazardous.

At the water treatment plant officials do several tests a day to make sure the water is safe to drink.

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