Police say there is a thief targeting an Essex neighborhood and packages are being stolen right off of porches.

According to Essex Police Department, officers have heard about stolen packages in the East Street and Mansfield Ave area and are looking for two teens on bikes. Only a couple people have filed formal reports.

Residents are talking on a community group called Front Porch Forum and have written that Pleasant and Arlington Streets are also involved. From speaking with residents, Local 22 & Local 44 has learned of one incident where a woman on Arlington Street had a package stolen. It was later found torn apart and thrown onto someone else’s lawn.

Neighbors are coming together until police can catch whoever is doing this. Tom Stone lives next door to the affected home on Arlington Street.

“She did end up I guess recovering the merchandise but since then she has asked if UPS and the Post Office could deliver her stuff to our home and we said sure,” Stone said.

Police suggest doing just this. Officer Kissinger said it is a hard problem to fix. He suggested having your package delivered to a safer place or picking it up at the post office.

Stealing packages is a federal offense.