PLATTSBURGH, NY- An investigation is underway after a car drove into a house on 58 South Peru Street.

Police say minutes before a car hit into a home in Plattsburgh, neighbors heard a loud noise and saw a car drive over a curb, into the house.

Police think Wendy Douglass had some kind of medical issue. She was taken to c-v-p-h after driving into the home.

Luckily, no one was home at the time.

The building inspector says the home is inhabitable.

“This morning I was actually bringing my garbage out and I turned around and all I heard was squealing. She had just come off McKinley and I saw her just jump the curb and go into the house,” said Kaitlyn Meachum who lives across the street.”

“I heard this big bang there were a couple of dump trucks that went by but then I heard people talking and I came out and her car was sticking in his bedroom.”

Crews were on scene for some time, cleaning up.