Burlington Police say two suspects have been arrested for allegedly causing damage to over 200 vehicles in the Burlington area.

According to police, William Bowler, 24, of Swanton and Alexander Charbonneau, 30, of Burlington are accused of damaging vehicles parked on the street by shooting out windows with BB guns.

Police say the damages have cost the victims $500 to $2,000 in repairs.

Investigators say the pair was arrested on February 14 after a previous media release helped police to identify the suspects.

Police say the suspects will be charged with multiple counts of unlawful mischief at an arraignment in court on Thursday afternoon.

Authorities also found a large number of weapons on Charbonneau and in the truck the suspects were driving in. 

Investigators still need your help in letting them know if you’ve seen the vehicle below involved in any vandalism.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Burlington Police at 802-540-2269.