The Williston Police Department has released dashcam video showing the arrest of Vermont State Senator Debbie Ingram. 
The police dashcam video, obtained by Local 22 & Local 44 following a Vermont public records request, shows Ingram appearing to have trouble with field sobriety exercises, which drivers are asked to do when police suspect possible impaired driving.

In the video, an officer can be seen approaching Ingram, 55, of Williston, as she sat in her 2016 Mercedes—as it rested in a ditch.

“So have you had anything to drink tonight?” the officer asks Ingram.
“Yes, I have,” Ingram said.
“What did you have?” the officer asks.
“Some vodka,” Ingram states.
“Vodka? When was your last drink?” the officer asked.
“About a half hour ago,” Ingram replies.
“About a half hour ago? When was your first drink?” the officer asked.
“Uh (pause) about six o’clock tonight,” Ingram said.

Williston police say they were called to a possible intoxicated driver on South Road just after 8 p.m. on October 12.

Ingram said she had been drinking vodka at her home about a quarter mile away on South Road and decided to go to the grocery store. Ingram said she decided to turn around and that’s when she went off the road, police said.

Police say Ingram estimated she had been drinking for two hours prior to the crash at her home.

Police say Ingram drove off the road for about 100 yards, hit a mailbox at 1996 South Road, and attempted to turn around at 1725 South Road. Police say the car nearly hit a utility pole.

Police say they collected several pieces of the car from the scene, including a mailbox post they believe Ingram hit.

Senator Ingram can be seen in the video doing a series of field sobriety exercises. At times she had difficulty balancing, doing the walk and turn, and balancing on one leg.

According to a crash report obtained by Local 22 & Local 44, Ingram blew a .186 about 90 minutes after the crash was reported. The legal limit in Vermont is a .08.

On Friday, Local 22 & Local 44 has reached out to defense attorney Ted Kenney and Senator Ingram for comments. We have not heard back.

Ingram released a statement the day after her arrest, saying she is grateful that no one was injured as a result of her ‘irresponsible behavior.’ She went on to say she suffers from a disease for which she has been getting treatment through a 12-step program.

Ingram, a Democrat, was elected to her first two-year term in the Senate last year.

The Senator is scheduled to appear in court on November 2.