The St. Albans Police Department arrested a man they say failed to complete a home improvement project after being paid.

Police say Jason Failing, 37, of Georgia, Vt., advertised home improvement services on Craigslist.

Failing is accused of failing to complete a basement project, despite the victim paying him for $15,000. Police say the victim requested a refund, but Failing refused ot comply and said the money was spent on materials and sub-contractors.

After investigating, police say Failings statements were not true.

Failing was arrested on February 29 and charged with home improvement fraud. He is scheduled be arraigned at the end of March.

Police say Failing has a history of fraud related incidents. Police are advising the public to exercise caution when hiring contractors in this manner.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the St. Albans Police Department at (802)-524-2166.