Police recover car stolen in 1994 at the bottom of the Mohawk River

Police recover car stolen in 1994 at the bottom of river_64218554

The mystery behind the car pulled out of the Mohawk River is solved.

The car is barely recognizable under all those clams but a Niskayuna couple knew right away that the car belongs to them.

At Bobars Interstate Towing, one car is not like the others.

A fisherman spotted the car at the bottom of the Mohawk River on Tuesday.

The start of a mystery to most and the end of one to Ronald and Cathy Frank.

“The structure of the car, the style of the car,” Ronald said. “It was no longer green, it was mud-colored—it was our car!”

In 1994, the Franks reported their Honda Accord stolen after someone broke into their home.

“Came into the kitchen, grabbed my wife’s purse, took the keys and drove off.”

Investigations ran into dead ends and there was no trace of the car until 1995.

Ron received a phone from a colleague who had been scuba diving in the river.

“He said, ‘have you lost a car?’ I said ‘yes, about a year ago.’ He said ‘oh I found it.’ I said ‘you did, where?’ he said ‘the bottom of the Mohawk River.’”

Back then, little could be done because local police weren’t equipped with boats.

The Franks got a new car through insurance so their Honda Accord remained home to bass and well, clams.

The couple didn’t think they would see the car again.

The finale happened more than two decades later.

Police worked with the DMV to confirm that the car, in fact, belonged to the Franks.

“Through the VIN number we can track who owned it, the last registered owner, if it was reported stolen,” Schenectady Police Sgt. Matthew Dearing said.

The Franks are not looking for any follow-up. Despite the looks of it, to them, this is no calamity.

The story comes full circle. It was around this time 23 years ago the car first went missing.

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