Local 22/44 has confirmed from the Windham County Sheriff’s Department that a search warrant was executed Monday night at 22-year-old Nathan Carman’s home in Vernon. 

Officials say this was down with the help of Rhode Island’s South Kingston Police Department.  South Kingston’s police are in charge of the investigation. 

According to documents three items were seized in the search, a Xfinity modem, a Garmin sim card, and a letter written by Nathan. 

Carman was brought back to shore Tuesday morning by the Coast Guard. 

The Coast Guard released audio from the call they made to Carman when he was rescued.  You can hear the call here.

Officials say Carman was found in good condition on an inflatable raft.

Carman left Rhode Island with his mother on September 18 to go fishing.

According to the Coast Guard the Carman said the boat took on water quickly and sank. 

His mother is still missing and is presumed to be dead.

Local 22/44 has obtained the search warrant for Nathan Carman’s residence in Vernon.  You can read the documents below.