United States trade deal with Mexico, Canada could be nearing passage


WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nexstar) — The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal may finally see its day on the house floor.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s almost ready to bring the USMCA to the House floor for a vote.

Pelosi says her top concern is enforcing the deal. But on Thursday the Mexican president reassured Pelosi that the country is ready to comply.

In a letter to Congress, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised to fully implement the labor reforms required under the agreement and that he hopes his pledge helps Congress move forward on the USMCA “as soon as possible.”

Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar met with the Mexican president last week. He says this letter is the missing puzzle piece hesitant Democrats need.

“The Mexican government is giving assurances that the money for the budget will be there to enforce the labor laws in Mexico,” said Cuellar.

But Texas Republican Congressman Kevin Brady says there’s no time to waste.

Brady says he’s hopeful a deal will happen by Thanksgiving because states like Texas that rely on trade with Mexico can’t wait any longer.

“No state will benefit more from the passage of this new agreement,” said Brady. “No state would be hurt more if it failed.”

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