Castleton, VT – As Halloween approaches, communities in Vermont are gearing up for a spooktacular celebration.

On the 27th of October, the Kehoe Education Center in Castleton will host the 10th Annual Halloween Wildlife Festival and Jack O’Lantern Hike from 6 PM to 8 PM. This event promises a Halloween campfire led by students from Vermont State Castleton, who are enrolled in a science elementary education class. Their mission is to educate children about Vermont’s outdoor animals, including deer, bobcats, and foxes. Organizers highlight that this opportunity provides university students with real-life field experience and offers elementary students a fun and engaging way to learn about science. Additionally, young participants will have the chance to flaunt their Halloween costumes before embarking on their trick-or-treat adventures.

According to Corey Hart, an Education Specialist from the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, “Going out in the woods and walking a Jack o Lantern Trail is a self-guided activity, and you can have a really enjoyable night with the family. We encourage Halloween costumes as well.”

The event offers more than just the Jack O’Lantern hike. Visitors can also enjoy a different nature hike along a trail adorned with carved pumpkins. Organizers are expecting a turnout of over 300 people for this Halloween extravaganza.

In preparation for the event, organizers are calling on community members to contribute pumpkins. If you’d like to donate, you can drop off pumpkins at the Kehoe Conservation Camp before October 25.