A year ago, Tupper Lake was awarded $10 million dollars as part of New York’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

On Wednesday, New York Secretary of State Robert Rodriguez announced ten projects that he says will “transform downtown neighborhoods.” They include creating a year-round performance space for the Tupper Lake Arts Center, turning an old gas station into a mini golf spot, and improvements for the local breweries.

“Arts is a very important part of that vibrancy that happens with a Downtown Revitalization Initiative, so the cultural component, in addition to the breweries, the wine bars and the streetscape improvements, are what really make DRIs successful,” Rodriguez said.

The Tupper Lake DRI planning committee reviewed 17 submissions. Along with the arts projects, three of the ten projects will add more than 100 housing units. “We’re looking at 72 housing units in the Big Oval Wood Dish plant, along with the Raquette River Brewery and a small office complex,,” said Mayor Paul Maroun. “Then behind that on our nature trail, which runs from the Remsen- Lake Placid line up to the wild center, there will be condos.”

Also happening in Tupper Lake is a rail trail from Lake Placid and the Adirondack railway from Utica. And estimated $2.5 million dollars will go toward streetscape improvements downtown, along with property expansion for a new restaurant, and restoration of 70 Park Street.

Maroun said construction for some of the projects will hopefully begin in 2023, and he expects the process as a whole to take 2-3 years.