Proposal would lower NY’s legal blood alcohol limit


One New York lawmaker says it could save lives but would lowering the blood alcohol limit actually do more harm than good?

With that proposed bill, one beer could put you behind bars. Some say it’s about time, but not everyone agrees.

Bottoms up or if one lawmaker has his way – “B-A-C down”.

Not everyone is happy.

“We’re being ridiculous here in New York State,” Tess Collins, Owner of McGeary’s Irish Pub, said.

Collins is referring to New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz’s bill that, if passed, would lower the legal blood alcohol limit.

“Stop over-regulating everyone and let people be responsible for themselves.”

Right now, it’s 0.08, but if the bill was passed it’d be lowered to 0.05.

Collins says for some people that is only one drink.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple agrees.

“It’s a drastic change.”

The goal is to end drunk driving, but there are other ways that have already been proven.

“No matter if you went from 0.08 to 0.01, it still comes down to personal accountability.”

He cites the rise of ride-sharing services in the Capital Region as something that is already working. On New Year’s Eve alone, drunk driving was down 60 percent.

“People really made good decisions. They made a point to have a plan and our roadways were safer as a result of that.”

Jessica Hyatt says you can never have enough ways to deter people from getting behind the wheel after any alcoholic drink.

“Buzz driving is still intoxicated driving.”

For her, this is personal.

“I had a friend in high school who was killed by a drunk driver.”

When it comes to human life, she says, why risk it?

“You’re moving 3,000 pounds of metal, I’d rather you be more on the side of safety than not.”

This is still in the early stages. In fact, this proposed bill has not yet been scheduled for a vote.

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