In Community Matters, honoring the men and women who work to keep the Queen City safe.  Monday the Burlington community recognized and thanked their own for service and dedication.  It’s important work happening in Burlington.

For Cheryl McDonough, the uniform consists of traffic safety orange and stop sign red.  “It’s all about the children and the families, and the hugs, and the smiles that I get, and the chocolate.  I get so much more than I give,” said McDonough.  She’s been a crossing guard for three years at the corner of Walnut and Archibald.  Not far from her home, she’s become an important member of the community.

She’s one of 33 crossing guards protecting students and kids on Queen City streets.  Monday, they’re work was honored.  “I think this is one of those things were I don’t have to find something to say, no struggle here.  These are crossing guards, they get our kids to and from school safely,” commented Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo.  McDonough took the stage alongside Burlington Public Work’s Pat Cashman.  

On behalf of all 33, the two accepted the Queen City Police Foundation’s Community Hero Award.  “Calling out what is occasionally a forgotten group of people, who every morning and every afternoon are out there and they’re watching kids.  They’re putting themselves between kids and cars,” stated Cashman, Deputy Director of the City’s Crossing Guards.

The two were part of the Foundation’s annual Awards Lunch.  It’s a chance to recognize those who protect the Queen City, whether it’s with a gun and a badge, or a vest and stop sign.  “I see the officers back and forth all the time here at the corner.  They’re aware of what we’re trying to do. I’m honored to be included in that group,” McDonough said.

Cheryl says being a crossing guard is such rewarding work.  She challenges others to do the same, “Everyday there’s one or two close calls where I can tell I’ve made a difference in someone’s life.  That’s the reason to be here.”

Full List of Queen City Police Award Winners:

Certificate of Recognition:
ECS Kathryn Clark
CSO David Murrish
New North End Resident Elise Eaton

Team Award:
Corporal Dominic Brodeur
Corporal Thomas Chenette
Corporal Jennifer Cousins
Corporal Eric Dalla Mura
Officer William Drinkwell
Officer Paul Leclerc
Officer Michael Henry
Corporal Jesse Namdar
Corporal Jessica Norris
Corporal Erica Schaller
Corporal John Stoughton
Officer Christopher Sweeney
Corporal Kristian Young
Officer Greg Osilka
Corporal Krystal Wrinn
Corporal Michael Hemond
Corporal Thomas Nash
Officer Phil Tremblay
Officer Ethan Czyzewski
ID Technician James Muller
ID Technician Joanna Alberts
ECS Emilie Thompson
ECS Kathryn Clark

Community Hero Award:
City of Burlington Crossing Guards

Burlington Rotary Service Above Self Award:
Director of Spectrum Youth and Services, Mark Redmond

Coveted Badge Award:
Marketing and Community Services Director for People’s Bank, Kathleen Schirling

Distinguished Service Award:
Deputy Chief Jannine Wright
Officer Eric Kratochvil
Officer Darren Kennedy

Chief’s Award:
Crime Analyst, Connor Brooks

Antonio B. Pomerleau Award:
Director of Greater Burlington Multi-Cultural Resource Center, Patrick Brown