Speculation continues to swirl around the mysterious disappearance of a Canadian man who vanished from Whiteface a week ago, on Tuesday Toronto firefighter Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis was found unharmed in California.  Now, New York State Police are trying to put together the pieces.

 “There is one slight thing, Danny doesn’t really know what happened in the last five and a half. Six days of his life we’ve asked him to come in and speak with us and he has agreed to do so,” said Maj. John Tibbitts, New York State Police.
Filippidis was sound safe and sound in Sacremento on Tuesday after police say he contacted his wife.  

Filippidis was wearing the ski clothes he was last seen in and reportedly was confused.  

“He was surprised and overwhelmed with the efforts that were made,” said Maj. John Tibbitts, New York State Police.

A massive search and rescue operation was launched after the 49-year-old was reported missing last Wednesday after a day of skiing.

“We really pretty much put in place every type of winter and mountain searching including aviation and drones from state police and the DEC,” said Capt. John Streiff, NYS Forest Ranger.

A crew of more than 140 people spent roughly 7 thousand hours combined searching for Filippidis until word came that he was found.  Police would not comment on the costs of the search.   

“We never put a dollar figure on saving a life or locating a person in the woods, that is not something we are prepared to answer,” said Maj. John Tibbitts, New York State Police.

Reporters asked police on Wednesday if it was possible Filippidis may have suffered a head injury.

“Any time you have a ski area with steep terrain that could have been a possibility, I can’t confirm that at this time,” said Capt. John Streiff, NYS Forest Ranger.

In the meantime, New York authorities await their opportunity to speak with

“Anything is possible… To speculate at this time would be irresponsible,” said Filippidis.

Police ask if anyone recalls seeing Filippidis between February 7, 2018, and February 13, 2018, they are asked to call New York State Police at (518) 873-2750.